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Unable to run spm8 on MATLAB on Big Sur

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Daniel Antoniello
Daniel Antoniello on 26 Jan 2023
Answered: Gowthami on 27 Jan 2023
When trying to run spm8 on MATLAB_R2022b on Big Sur MAC I get the following error (I have attempted the listed solutions, which have not worked):
Error using spm_check_installation>check_basic
SPM uses a number of MEX files, which are compiled functions.
These need to be compiled for the various platforms on which SPM
is run. At the FIL, where SPM is developed, the number of
computer platforms is limited. It is therefore not possible to
release a version of SPM that will run on all computers. See
/Users/Danto/Documents/Central/spm8/src/Makefile and
for information about how to compile mex files for MACI64
in MATLAB (R2022b) Update 1.
Error in spm_check_installation (line 25)
Error in spm (line 303)

Answers (1)

Gowthami on 27 Jan 2023
Since SPM Toolbox is a third-party toolbox and the issue is specific to its installation, the best way would be to contact the owners of the toolbox. The support page link is:
The installation page also has instructions on how to compile the MEX files:

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