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I have a problen related to battery simulation charging and discharging

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I have already aske dhelp from matlab for this qn but now its different while simulation delay of 20 min should be applied to both charging and discharging but in output the delay is applied only for charging and when discharging it should charge from 0 to 30A in the current slope but its charging from -30 to 30 its wrong can you help me applying delay in both sides and adjust the current from 0 to 30 please and sorry for the disturbance

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 16 Feb 2023
2 things.
  1. remove the memory block. you don't need it with the transport delay
  2. you are missing the edge condition -
if(Stateprev == 1 && SOC > 99)
test = 1;
if you look at that edge case, this is where your dicontinuity in your signal exists. You need to clean up your if else statements to handle this case, which right now will default to ibatt = Idis.




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