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Error: "Could not connect to target application: XCP internal error: timeout expired, in response to XCP CONNECT command" using Monitor and Tune for F280025C MCU (C2000)

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I have a launch pad for the F280025C, I was able to monitor and tune with the launch pad configuration file. However, when I power the launchpad using external power supply (not power from the USB), and using an external JTAG debug probe TMDSEMU110-U (connecting TMS, TCK, Vref, GND), i was unable to monitor and tune it anymore. Though I can flash it.
I used F28002x configuration file and modified to the way that I can use an external JTAG debugger probe, and use it as my configuration file. I was able to flash the code to the MCU, however, Matlab cannot was unable to monitor the hardware afterward. I am using internal clock, but i also tried to set the CLK as 20MHz using external CLK as well and still not working. The JTAG clock is set to 2.5MHz. I made sure the external mode COM is set to the correct COM.
Here are screenshot of my configuration and initialization for my hardware implementation setting:
CCS configuration file -
Matlab hardware implementation -
Build Summery on simulink -
Jacobo on 11 Dec 2023
ESP32-WROVER has same issue.
According to Arun it can be solved (see link below), but not working as well~

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Answers (1)

Gowthami on 19 Apr 2023
The external mode requires an active COMM port connection between the target and the host PC.
Kindly check if there is any COMM port connection present under the device manager--> ports, If not you will not be able to run the external model.
I could also suspect the issue because of specific clocking options. If this is the case, kindly go through the following solution:
For the TI F280025C Launchpad board, the external oscillator mentioned in the user guide is 20 MHz and not 10 MHz. 20 MHz is the default value for the oscillator clock frequency when using an external oscillator for the TI F280025C Launchpad.
If you switch to the internal oscillator and then switch back to the external oscillator, you will need to manually update the configuration box to reflect the oscillator clock (OSCCLK) frequency appropriate for the specific board you are using. Please change the oscillator clock frequency from 10 MHz to 20 MHz in the configuration settings.
Ibrahim on 23 Nov 2023
As mentionned by @Gowthami you should set 20MHz instead 10 with this Target.
For F28388D it must be 25 as described in datasheet of TI

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