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How to make a Subplots using set(gca,'position') command?

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I would like to make one figure, with two subplots.
The dimensions for each subplot
set(gca,'Position', [0.1000 0.5971 0.2335 0.3279]) % subplot 1
hold on;
set(gca,'Position', [0.4700 0.5971 0.2335 0.3279]) % subplot 2
However, when I use this command, only the last figure axis remains, the first one disappears.
The hold on does not seem to work in this case.
Any help is greatly appriciated.
Thnak you in advance!
Stephen23 on 2 Mar 2023
@MP: moved Jonas' comment to an answer. Try accepting the answer now.

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Accepted Answer

Jonas on 1 Mar 2023
Moved: Stephen23 on 2 Mar 2023
you could create the axes by yourself and set the positioning as you did
figure('Color',[0.9 0.9 0.9]); % create figure and use a grey background to make the figure borders better visible here
ax1=axes('Position', [0.1000 0.5971 0.2335 0.3279]) % subplot 1
ax2=axes('Position', [0.4700 0.5971 0.2335 0.3279]) % subplot 2
but most of the time, it is sufficient and more convenient to use commands like subplot:
figure('Color',[0.9 0.9 0.9]);
subplot(1,2,1) % a 1x2 grid and we now create/make active the first (left) axis
as you can see, the axes creates with subplot fill the entire figure vertically, which is most of the time the behavior one wants to have
please also note that in the first example, when creating with axes(), you have to store the axes' handles by yourself (e.g. ax1 and ax2) and in the second example, using subplot, you could (although it is not good practice) get access anytime to the axes using e.g. subplot(1,2,1) again
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MP on 2 Mar 2023
Moved: Stephen23 on 2 Mar 2023
@Jonas Thank you so much for your time and efforts. That worked!
Where isthe option to accept your answer? I am not able to find.

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