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I am develping a Matlab app by APP designer with lsqnonlin to fit data.
I know the option of lsqnonlin can be set to Display and the iteration output for each iteration can be viewed in MATLAB command window.
And now I want to compile this output into the app, so that I can review it real-time in the app instead of the MATLAB command window.
But I do not know how to store the iteration output of the lsqnonlin. And so this data can put into something like edit filed or something else that can be viewed while the app is running.
Could anyone helps me with it, thank you~
The iteration output data I want to put real-time in app is:
Norm of First-order
Iteration Func-count f(x) step optimality
0 3 359677 2.88e+04
1 6 359677 11.6976 2.88e+04

Accepted Answer

Catalytic on 23 Mar 2023
Use the OutputFcn option to obtain the values used to populate the iterative display. Then print those values whenever and however you please.

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