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Using CSV in Flight Log Analyzer

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Luke on 1 Apr 2023
Answered: Vinayak Choyyan on 11 Apr 2023
I am trying to use flight log analyzer app to compare flight information from an aircraft which records it's flight logs using csv format.
The ability to use csv file format in Flight Log Analyzer is briefly suggested in the video example and documentation for Flight Log Analyzer. I am not able to import csv files into flight log analyzer app using import from workspace.
After running:
table = readtable("vttlog.csv"); % csv file in workspace as table
dataStruct = table2struct(table); % structure exists in workspace
save('data.ulg', 'dataStruct');
ulg = ulogreader("data.ulg"); % error encountered
I am unable to find any of the variables in the workspace as importable choices in the app.
Alternatively I have tried to convert the csv file to ulog using pyulog, but this seems only to be useful for converting ulog to csv and not the other way. With command functions like ulog2csv.
How can I either convert the csv file to ulog, or use csv in flight log analyzer?

Answers (1)

Vinayak Choyyan
Vinayak Choyyan on 11 Apr 2023
Hi Luke,
As per my understanding, you would like to use a .csv file with the Flight Log Analyzer app in MATLAB.
Unfortunately, Flight Log Analyzer app only supports ‘.ulog’ and ‘.tlog’ file formats. This is the reason you do not see the csv table while selecting variable from workspace. Please use the supported file formats or externally convert your data to the supported file formats and then use it with the Flight Log Analyzer app. Please check out this documentation to know more about the Flight Log Analyzer app and supported file formats
Also, I see that in the code you provided, you are incorrectly using the ‘save’ function. ‘save’ function only saves data to specific formats and you can read more about it in this documentation.
I hope this resolves the issue you are facing.





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