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Remove graph label in geoplot

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How do I remove the "Latitude" y-axis label on the 4th subplot? It's automatically generated and it's interfering with my other graphs.
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Vilém Frynta
Vilém Frynta on 9 Apr 2023
could you post your code. it would help me get a better insight on what you are doing so i can try it out myself.
what does automatically generated mean?
without the code, i can only say that you could do some magic with set(gca, ...). which will very likely be the right answer.

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Accepted Answer

Vinayak Choyyan
Vinayak Choyyan on 12 Apr 2023
Hi Nur Zawani Rosli,
As per my understanding, you are using ‘geoplot’ to fill in on of the subplots and would like to remove the axis labels for that ‘geoplot’.
The parent object of ‘geoplot’ is ‘GeographicAxes’ and this parent is what contains the properties for the ‘geoplot’ labels. Setting the ‘LatitudeLabel.String’ property to an empty string to remove the label. Please refer to the below code to see an example of the same.
load usapolygon.mat;
As seen above, the "Latitude" label has been removed. To know more about ‘GeographicAxes’ properties, please refer to the following documentation
I hope this resolves the issue you are facing.
Nur Zawani Rosli
Nur Zawani Rosli on 15 Apr 2023
Yes! Thank you, it works :))
Jakub Steiner
Jakub Steiner on 16 Nov 2023
Thank you for your answer. It helped my as well. Is there a way to remove the cescription of parallels meridians? I mean the 50°N 90°W labels.
Thank you.

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