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PLC Code - Generate PLC Code: Too many input arguments error

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I am using a PLC Controller Suite block from studio5000_plclib, I have set it up with ladder logic and it works fine in simulation, however when I go to generate PLC code nothing happens and I get this error in the diagnostic viewer:
It doesn't seem to matter what IDE I set it up for, or if the PLC Controller Suite block has any logic in it. I've tried looking it up, but just get basic MatLAB related errors.

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Gowthami on 19 Apr 2023
Hi Micah,
It is my understanding that you are getting a "Too many input arguments" error when trying to generate structured text using the PLC coder.
I would recommend you go through the following steps:
  1. Please check if your model has any unconnected port warnings, as that may be the root cause of the error.
  2. The error itself is manifested during the code report web view generation. Upon turning off report web view generation (in the model's configuration parameters uncheck PLC Code Generation > Report > Generate model web view), the model then generates code without any errors. This is a workaround to avoid the error, but it is recommended to look into removing those unconnected port warnings as well.


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