How do I write code to plot ramp function? Is there any command for ramp?

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The discrete function I want to plot is g[n] = ramp[n + 2]− 2ramp[n]+ ramp[n − 2]
The interval is -5<=n<=10
Thanks in advance.

Accepted Answer

the cyclist
the cyclist on 26 Mar 2015
There is no ramp function in MATLAB, but it could easily be coded as
function r = ramp(x)
r = max(0,x)
the cyclist
the cyclist on 15 Aug 2020
Take a look at the MATLAB Plot Gallery for ideas (and code) on how to plot.
If that doesn't help, please use more than 8 words to fully describe what you are trying to do, so that people don't waste time guessing at what you want.

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ismael rashid
ismael rashid on 19 Oct 2019
clear all
signal_start = input(' signal start value : ');
signal_end = input(' signal end value : ');
ramp_value = input(' ramp : ');
a = [ signal_start:signal_end];
b =mod(a,ramp_value);
% hope it helps you

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