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Cannot override parameters in Simulink model configuration reference

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I am using MATLAB R2021b on Ubuntu 20.04. I have created a Simulink model that uses a configuration reference (the configuration exists in the base workspace). This configuration has also been propagated to multiple reference models in my model. When trying to override one of the parameters in my top level model, the "override" menu option is greyed out and I cannot override the parameter. How may I override this parameter?
Vinayak on 25 Apr 2023
Is the parameter defined as a configuration parameter?
If thats the case, you can modify the configuration object to make the parameter tunable.
This can be done by setting the "AllowTuning" property of the configuration object to true.
Ted Ecclestone
Ted Ecclestone on 29 Apr 2023
Thank you for your suggestion; I am not sure how to check if the parameter is a configuration parameter, could you let me know how I may do this?
The Simulink model that I referred to in my question is being run using the "Monitor and Tune" (external mode) feature of the ROS toolbox. After posting my original question, I found that if I restarted MATLAB and opened the Simulink model, I could override the parameter (i.e., the "override" option was not greyed out as in the screenshot above). However, after I ran the model one time using "Monitor and Tune", I could no longer override any parameters. I believe this may be a bug as I did not encounter this issue in the past when using R2021b on Ubuntu 18.04 (rather than 20.04 as I am now).

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Answers (1)

Jonas on 24 Apr 2023
You can only adapt the Configuration Parameters object, not the Configuration Reference object. You need to adapt the Configuration Parameters in the base workspace.
Jonas on 2 May 2023
It seems like not all parameters can be overriden. Some allow overriding, others have the override feature greyed out. Are you not able to override any parameter inside the Configuration Reference object?
Ted Ecclestone
Ted Ecclestone on 3 May 2023
I wasn't able to override any parameters after running the model in Monitor and Tune mode unless I restarted MATLAB/Simulink. After doing so, I was able to override the necessary parameters (e.g., "Periodic sample time constraint"). I still think this may be a bug but I was able to avoid the issue with this approach.

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