Matlab Drive Connector fails to connect

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Henk-Jan Ramaker
Henk-Jan Ramaker on 21 Apr 2023
Commented: Gowthami on 27 Apr 2023
On one of my computers, the Matlab Drive Connector has stopped working suddenly. On other computers, it still works fine.
I have removed and reinstalled the Matlab Drive Connector a few times, but that doesn't soolve the problem unfortunately.
What can I do more to get things working? It is a very inconvenient problem since I have noticed I am pretty much dependent on the Matlab Drive these days in terms of getting access to my latest files.

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Gowthami on 24 Apr 2023
Hello Henk-Jan,
I could see that you mentioned that you have tried reinstalling the connector, but I would like to have you try a "clean" reinstallation. This involves removing a few additional folders after you uninstall the program so that the new installation will be completely fresh. Kindly follow try the following steps for the same:
  1. Exit MATLAB Drive Connector
  2. Uninstall it using the Windows Add/Remove Program window
  3. Rename or remove the MATLAB Drive folder
  4. Rename or remove the MATLAB Connector root folder (Found on Windows here: %LOCALAPPDATA%\MathWorks\MATLABConnector\)
  5. Clear out the installer's downloads folder (Found on Windows here: %USERPROFILE%\Downloads\MathWorks\MATLABConnector
  6. Reinstall MATLAB Drive Connector
Henk-Jan Ramaker
Henk-Jan Ramaker on 26 Apr 2023
Edited: Henk-Jan Ramaker on 26 Apr 2023
Thank you for your help! I have a few questions:
3) I don't have a folder anymore after executing step 1+2. Is there some folder I missed?
I followed all the other steps but the connector is but file updating still fails.
Gowthami on 27 Apr 2023
Hello Henk-Jan,
To get the location of your MATLAB Drive folder on a desktop system with MATLAB Drive Connector installed, execute the following command in the command window of MATLAB:
For more information on MATLAB Drive, you may go through the following link -

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