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Under Linux, how do I get a menu of figure windows so I can click to raise one window?

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I have a MATLAB program that creates several dozen figures. On a Mac, the Windows item in the MATLAB menu brings up a list of windows. I've given each figure a meaningful name, so it's easy to click on one to raise it. Under Linux, the desktop manager creates a list of windows, but it's too crowded to show names. Is there a convenient way to select a figure window by name?
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James Van Zandt
James Van Zandt on 24 Apr 2023
Thanks! My version:
function choose
% choose - allow user to raise a figure
h = findobj('Type','figure');
for i=1:numel(h), name{i}=h(i).Name; end
[name,ix]=sort(name); h=h(ix);
while true
for i=1:numel(h), fprintf('%3d %s\n',h(i).Number,h(i).Name); end
n=input('number of figure to raise: ')
for i=1:numel(h)
if h(i).Number == n, figure(n); return; end
fprintf('try again\n');
Seems like something the OS should provide, though

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Accepted Answer

Rik on 21 Apr 2023
If using a code solution is fine, you can use this:
% Create figures with names
f1.Name = 'foo';
f2.Name = 'bar';
% Now give focus to the figure with a specific name

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