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Bluetooth error in Windows 11 standalone desktop app (MATLAB Compiler)

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I can't get a very basic MATLAB app to function after using Compiler to package a standalone desktop app. The app works fine when running within MATLAB, but not after running the packaged app post-installation.
The app simply calls disp(blelist) when clicking a button.
Attached is the exported code from App Designer, and below is the error displayed in the command window when running the compiled application:
Error using scratch/ScanButtonPushed
Failed to detect nearby Bluetooth Low Energy peripheral devices. Contact Technical Support if issue persists.
Error in appdesigner.internal.service.AppManagementService/executeCallback (line 172)
Error in matlab.apps.AppBase>@(source,event)executeCallback(ams,app,callback,requiresEventData,event) (line 62)
Error using matlab.ui.control.internal.controller.ComponentController/executeUserCallback
Error while evaluating Button PrivateButtonPushedFcn.
Here's a bit of info about my setup:
  • Windows 11 Pro 64-bit, updated
  • Intel Core i7-10700K @ 3.8GHz
  • MATLAB 2023a Update 1 (
I had the same problem when attempting the compile-and-installation on my laptop (Win11 Home 64-bit, Intel i7-11800H @ 2.3GHz). I have not yet tried on Win10 or a Mac.
Is there a fix to this?
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Philippe on 5 Apr 2024
Great news everyone,
The latest MATLAB R2024a version has fixed the problem we were facing!
Upgrade now for smoother workflows.

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Accepted Answer

Gowthami on 25 Apr 2023
Hello John,
I understand that you are getting an error while using MATLAB BLE functions.
Kindly note that the Bluetooth Low Energy interface is supported on these platforms:
  • macOS 10.13 High Sierra or later
  • Windows® 10, version 1709 or later
In order to resolve your issue, kindly try on the above mentioned platforms.
For more information on Bluetooth Low Energy Communication, kindly go through the following link -
Pablo ZISMANNE on 4 Dec 2023
Hello Walter, thanks for your response. I dont know why this problem is still there for compiled app (compiled with latest Matlab Version R2023b) on windows 11 but not when it's not compiled...

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