what kind of sample times is allowed in iterator subsystem?

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I'm using the integrator(1/s) in a for-iterator block, but somehow it comes out an error
'Assem_new2/For Iterator Subsystem/Subsystem14/Integrator3' has sample time [0, 0]. Only constant (inf) or inherited (-1) sample times are allowed in iterator subsystem 'Assem_new2/For Iterator Subsystem'.
But I did not find where to set the sample time for Integrator3
Any smart ideas would be much appreciated!

Answers (1)

Archit Dhanani
Archit Dhanani on 26 Jul 2019
The documentation says: The While Iterator Subsystem and For Iterator Subsystem blocks must not contain blocks with continuous states (for example, blocks from the Continuous block library). The sample times of all blocks within the subsystem must be either inherited (-1) or constant (inf).
You can find more information about this in the page below:

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