Turning Off Auto Code Correct in 2011b?

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Kevin on 28 Oct 2011
Commented: Nathan Crosty on 15 Jan 2015
Simple question here.
How can I turn off the auto correct option in Matlab .m 2011b editor?
It is really annoying and gets in the way telling me to shift enter to correct things I'm in the process of editing.
I dislike when programs try to get fancy.

Answers (2)

Jonathan on 5 Mar 2012
Had the same problem. Solution:
File -> Preferences -> Editor/Debugger -> Language -> Variable & function renaming -> Enable automatic variable and function renaming
Then disable that :)

Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 28 Oct 2011
I'm not sure exactly which feature it is that is providing suggestions to you, but almost all MATLAB Editor preferences are under File>Preferences>Editor/Debugger. There may be some relevant options under File>Preferences>Keyboard also.
Nathan Crosty
Nathan Crosty on 15 Jan 2015
This setting does not appear to have any effect on embedded matlab functions within Simulink. Checked 11b and 14b. I am getting my code changed on every save, or build. Can you please confirm this behavior?

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