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Call Matlab Script From Command Line and then Exit Matlab Process

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Ledger Yu
Ledger Yu on 10 Apr 2015
Answered: Ledger Yu on 16 Apr 2015
I tried to schedule a Matlab code called "DailyProcess.m" using Windows Task Scheduler. Below is the batch file:
matlab -r "run C:\Code\DailyProcess.m;" -logfile "C:\Log\log.txt"
The whole process runs fine. The problem is that it leaves Matlab open at the background after the process is done (I can see that matlab process from Windows Task Manager taking 0 CPU and some memory).
If I put an "exit" syntax in the batch line this:
matlab -r "run C:\Code\DailyProcess.m;exit" -logfile "C:\Log\log.txt"
it will still run the script, but it won't output the log file since Matlab already exits before it can write the log file.
Any idea on how to run the script, output the log, and then exit the process?
Thanks a lot in advance.

Accepted Answer

Ledger Yu
Ledger Yu on 16 Apr 2015
The answer, as it turned out, is to simply put "exit" inside the script...

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