Offload figure graphic computations from NVIDIA to local intel GPU

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I have an application where resource-intensive computations are being performed on an NVIDIA GPU, and many figures containing status information, data plots and 3D graphics are being updated as processed data is retrieved from the GPU. Currently, Matlab is using the installed NVIDIA GPU for both the computations and figure displays. Is it possible to perform the figure graphics updates on the local Intel graphics GPU rather than on the NVIDIA GPU to prevent resource competition?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 31 May 2023 shows how to change your graphics card preference to the Intel GPU
Beyond that: some models of NVIDIA cards (higher-end ones only!! ) can be configured in TCC (Tesla Compute Cluster) mode on Windows, which disables use as a graphics card and can produce higher efficiency. The models I find listed as generally supporting TCC are some Tesla class, a number of Quadro class, and some Titan models. GeForce models do not typically support TCC.
I am having difficulty finding any list of current TCC support.

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