Plot 3D data in 2D as lines

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carola forlini
carola forlini on 31 May 2023
Commented: carola forlini on 6 Jun 2023
I would like to plot my data as showed below. I tried using pcolor/contour with view(0, 90) but I am not able to plot just the lines.
Any suggestion?
Thank you

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 31 May 2023
Plot your Z array using the plot command. Each column will be treated as a different series.
Share your data so we can be more specific.
[X,Y,Z] = peaks(25);
% as a surface
% as lines
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carola forlini
carola forlini on 6 Jun 2023
Thank you for the reply.
I solved the problem plotting each Z array in 2D simply adding an offset on the y-axis.

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