Unzipping multiple folders to access one compressed file within the folder.

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I have downloaded ~750 T1 weighted images. All of these files are .zip currently, within these files there are multiple T1 images (at various stages of pre processing) - but, I only want the T1 raw image (to preprocess manually myself). However, once you unzip the file, the participant ID is no longer associated (the zipped file is PIDXXXX1.zip, but once it is unzipped they all just become 'T1').
Is there any way I can unzip the main folder, maintain the name of the zipped folder, select the appropriate file and then decompress it from .nii.gz to just .nii with code in the MATLAB terminal?
I assume the answer is no as all the code I've attempted simply does not work.
Any help would be appreciated :)

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 1 Jun 2023

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