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I want run python image processing code in simulink for simulation how can i do this?

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the code is to detect a fiducial marker to navigate a robot. now for simulation i need to Connect Python to Simulink.

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Sahas Marwah
Sahas Marwah on 18 Jun 2023
Hi @Amir,
To run Python image processing code within a Simulink model for simulation, you can use the MATLAB Function block to define a MATLAB function that invokes the Python code and processes the input/output signals. Here are the general steps to follow:
  1. Write your image processing code in Python, using an appropriate image processing library such as OpenCV, scikit or PIL.
  2. In MATLAB, create a new function that invokes and wraps the Python code using the Python subprocess module.
  3. In Simulink, add a MATLAB Function block to the model and configure its input and output signals to match the input and output of your Python code.
  4. Insert the MATLAB Function block into your Simulink model and write the necessary code to call the MATLAB function and pass the input/output signals.
  5. Run the Simulink model and verify that the Python image processing code is executed correctly and produces the expected output.
You can view this Video for reference:

Weiwu Li
Weiwu Li on 22 Jun 2023
You should have a look at Python Importer in Simulink. Hope that helps!


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