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How is "power_dissipated" being calculated when linking a Probe block to a Battery (Table - Based) block?

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I am currently doing some checks on Simscape Battery, and I have recently tried to create by myself the equivalent electrical circuit, with one time-constant dynamics, in order to compare its behaviour with a Battery (Table - Based) one. I have created the circuit with the same parameters (R0, R1, tau1), which are SOC and temperature dependent, and I am defining the same OCV and current for a dicharge test (they are supposed to have the same cell capacity too), but, when I link a Probe to both subsystems, I obtain different results in "power_dissipated".
Actually, the values may appear to be the same, but the electrical circuit ones are 1000 times bigger (0.34 vs 0.00034, e.g.). Using Joule's Law (Q=I^2*R) I obtain exactly the power dissipated in the electrical circuit, and I honestly do not understand why in the Battery (Table - Based) I get different results.
Besides, the two systems are located in the same file (same simulation options), they both have the same (default) Solver Configuration Block and they have been forced to experience the same temperature all the time.

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Javier Gazzarri
Javier Gazzarri on 25 Jul 2023
Hello Jose,
I believe this is because the default units for power dissipation is kW as opposed to W. You can see this when you open the Simscape Results Explorer at the end of the simulation, select the battery block, and plot power_dissipated.
Please let me know if this answers your question.
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José Luis Martín García de la Vega
Hello, Javier.
Indeed, you are right, I have just plotted the signals in the Simscape Results Explorer, and they have different measurement units.
Thank you very much.

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