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Cell balancing of Li-on battery

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Nalla Muthu
Nalla Muthu on 27 Jul 2023
Commented: Nalla Muthu on 2 Aug 2023
I am trying simulation of battery behaviour of lithuim ion battery. In simulation total 6 batteries are connected in series and parallel. once cell balancing are used, i can't get output of aging and temperature. I have used battery block from simscape. Let know problem or example of battery aging with cell balancing.
Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 28 Jul 2023
can you share your model? This is not enough information to help you.
Nalla Muthu
Nalla Muthu on 31 Jul 2023
Please find the model I have used for aging.

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Answers (1)

Javier Gazzarri
Javier Gazzarri on 1 Aug 2023
Hello Nalla,
When I run your model I can see the temperature output (please make sure you enable temperature effects) and the cycle count equal zero means that the simulation time is far too short to show significant aging. Please keep in mind that the cycle count is equal to one once the integral of the current in absolute value is equal to twice the capacity. In your case, C = 2.6 Ah, which means that one cycle will be counted once 5.2A have passed through the battery for one hour, which is much longer than what you have set.
Please let me know if this clarifies the issue.
Best regards,
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Nalla Muthu
Nalla Muthu on 2 Aug 2023
Hello Javier Gazzarri,
Previously I have tried with enabling temperature and aging but I can't get number of cycle. In simulation
battery starts discharge before battery reaches 100% SOC.

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