In the framework FEX, How do I change the projection of 3d points in a different 2D plane (currently it is in XY and want to change it to YX)

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I am using it to fit a plane to my 3D data. It projects data in 2D plane xy, I like to change it to project it in yx plane.
These are the 2 lines of code used for this
pFit=planarFit(XYZ0);%Preliminary plane fit
xy0=pFit.project2D(XYZ0); %Map measured 3D samples to 2D
The implementation of project2D is like this
function xy=project2D(obj,XYZ,type)
%Project a set of 3D coordinates into a 2D coordinate system on the
%fitted plane.
% xy=obj.project2D(XYZ)
% xy=obj.project2D(XYZ,type)
% XYZ: A 3xN matrix of 3D coordinates.
% type: A string flag, either 'position' (the default) or
% 'direction'.
% With type='position', the XYZ data are assumed
% to be the positions of points relative to the 3D origin.
% Otherwise, XYZ are assumed to be 3D direction vectors,
% with no specific location.
% xy: A 2xN matrix of projected 2D coordinates.
if nargin<3, type='position'; end
B = obj.R(:,[2,3]);
b0 = (obj.normal*obj.distance).';
switch validatestring(type,{'position','direction'})
case 'position'
case 'direction'

Answers (1)

Catalytic on 28 Jul 2023
Edited: Catalytic on 28 Jul 2023
Since this concerns an FEX submission, you should probably ask the question in the discussion page of that submission.
However, if the only problem is that you are getting coordinates (x,y) and you want coordinates (y,x) then just interchange y and x.




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