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What are the specifics of MATLAB home license?

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I would like to ask two quesitons. First, I am trying to understand the difference between home and professional version of MATLAB. memtions "MATLAB Home offers you the full capabilities of MATLAB. However, certain add-on products are not available for purchase." Which add-on products are not available for purchase? Second, if I buy a perpetual, say home, license, how does it work with new product relaeases? Will I always be able to update to a new version of MATLAB? So perpetual license means that for a life-time I will always be up to the latest version of MATLAB free of charge?
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dpb on 3 Sep 2023
You need to contact TMW sales support for further details; Answers forum is not an official Mathworks support/sales channel but a hosted volunteer site; none have access to such details nor authority to state what terms are beyond what is on the web site. Which, admittedly, is pretty-much non-informative, granted.

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Accepted Answer

Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 3 Sep 2023
Edited: Dyuman Joshi on 3 Sep 2023
Note - It is always best to contact the sales department for information regarding products offered by The MathWorks - Contact Sales
This answer is according to information available on the webpage you have linked -
"Which add-on products are not available for purchase?"
(Modifed to add specifics) Some of the Toolboxes, Blocksets and other products that are provided by The MathWorks. The information provided on the webpage is what options are available to be purchased with that particular license.
"Will I always be able to update to a new version of MATLAB?
No, only the 1st year of Software maintenance was covered/included in the purchase you make.
After the first year, if you want to update to the latest version of MATLAB, you will have to pay for it - MathWorks Software Maintenance Service
"So perpetual license means that for a life-time I will always be up to the latest version of MATLAB free of charge?"
No, Perpetual license means you will be able to use the versions upto the current version you have, as long as you want to.
To summarise - You have the rights to use the existing software perpetually: your right to use future software needs to be renewed accordingly.
dpb on 3 Sep 2023
Edited: dpb on 3 Sep 2023
The prime difference is not the product but whether you can use it for commercial purposes.
You can't use Home, Student, Personal versions for anything that is provided to any customer or client or resold as a product. Read what it says -- the Home version description reads
Home - "For personal use only. This license option is not for government, academic, commercial, or other organizational use."
Standard - "For use at a commercial, government, or other organization."
It's based on whether there's a business use of the product for the licensee's benefit or not, not what is in the product itself although there are some differences there, as well.

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Snoopy on 4 Sep 2023
To determine which add-ons cannot be used on Home license,
- choose Home as Intended use, and
- on the right, at the drop-down menu choose a product (or add-on as I call it).
This will tell if the product is available on Home license.
To figure this out, I had to call the sales department two times. The first time, a lady refused to tell what is not available on Home license. When I asked to pass on as feedback that the sales department should be able to give this information, the telephone was hang up on my face. The second time, a gentleman gave the information in a hurry. I understand that the sales department is not giving informaiton on the phone if it is about home license, but you do not hang up the phone on a customer's face when the customer suggests feedback.
Snoopy on 4 Sep 2023
But that link shows what is available. What I was looking for is what is not available so that I understand what I miss by buying the home license.

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