Image alignment/ plotting using coordinates system

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I am working on drone images and I want to allign these taken images based on their coordinates. It is not pure stitching of images as some in-between patches may have been missing; however, I want to allign them as per taken sequence. Coordinates metadata is available in each image. I don't want to apply feature detection technique. Kindly need some advise and flow for this query.
Kindly donot mind my non-technical terms/ wording as I am not from pure programming background.

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Asim on 5 Oct 2023
I understand that you are facing issue with aligning drone images based on their coordinates. You can use the ‘imfinfo’ function in MATLAB to extract the coordinates metadata from each image.
Kindly refer to this documentation for more information regarding ‘imfinfo’ function.
Once you have the coordinates, you can sort the images based on this data, which is typically found in the GPS information within the metadata. This allows you to align them in the correct sequence.
As an alternative approach, consider capturing a video with the drone and subsequently extracting the frames. This method inherently maintains the sequence of the images, potentially simplifying your process.
I hope these suggestions helps in resolving the issue.
Best Regards,
Asim Asrar




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