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Can't create subplots

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Adli L
Adli L on 26 Oct 2023
Commented: Alexander on 12 Dec 2023
hello, earlier today my code was running without a problem, and suddenly right now the software can't generate my subplots and showing this error message
Unable to resolve the name ''.
how can I solve this? thanks
Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 26 Oct 2023
Edited: Dyuman Joshi on 26 Oct 2023
Release is mentioned - R2023a
And, the code also runs on my machine - Win 10 and MATLAB R2021a.
Maybe check what's the output of -
which subplot -all
Best to contact TMW support - Contact Support
Alexander on 12 Dec 2023
@Adli L, what OS and ML version are you using? On Win7 and ML (R2021b) Update 7 your code works fine.

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Answers (1)

Noah Prisament
Noah Prisament on 12 Dec 2023
Hi Adli, please try the instructions here: and see if that resolves your issue. It seems like this is a path issue which would be resolved by the steps on that page.


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