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Matlab 2023b unable to access the web

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Peter on 9 Jan 2024
Answered: Asim on 15 Jan 2024
Matlab 2023b seems to be unable to access the web. Several functions such as 'web' and 'webwrite' give errors, and the help menu also does not work. I have Matlab 2019a installed on the same machine and it works fine.
For example:
>> web
returns the error
Unable to resolve the name 'helpUtils.checkForDemoRedirect'.
Error in web (line 94)
[redirect,mapfile,topic] = helpUtils.checkForDemoRedirect(html_file);
ts = webwrite(url, data, opts);
returns the error
Error using readContentFromWebService
Error connecting to C
Error in webwrite (line 139)
[varargout{1:nargout}] = readContentFromWebService(connection, options);
When I try to use 'Search for Documentation' (help), it opens an empty window.
All of these work in my 2019a Matlab installation run concurrently on the same machine. What has changed and how can I configure it to work? Also, programs I have compiled with 2023b give the same error when using webwrite, while the same code compiled in 2019a is fine. I did not configure any special proxy server or firewall settings for either installation of Matlab. Just downloaded and installed.
2023b is able to connect to databases. Queries using the fetch command are fine.

Answers (1)

Asim on 15 Jan 2024
Hello Peter,
I understand you're encountering difficulties accessing the web with MATLAB 2023b. I attempted to replicate the issue on my end and did not encounter any problems, which suggests that the issue may be specific to your setup. To help you troubleshoot this, I've outlined a series of steps below:
Step 1: Check for Updates
Please ensure that your MATLAB 2023b installation is fully updated with the latest patches and updates, as these can often resolve known issues.
Step 2: Verify Internet Connection Settings
It's possible that MATLAB 2023b has different default settings for internet connectivity compared to earlier versions. To check or update your settings, please:
- Go to Home > Preferences > Web in MATLAB 2023b.
- If you are not using a proxy server, make sure the option to "Use a proxy server to connect to the Internet" is not selected.
- If you do use a proxy server, double-check that the details are correct and reflect your network configuration.
Step 3: Check MATLAB Java Environment
MATLAB utilizes Java for various web operations. To see which Java version you're running in MATLAB, type `version -java` in the Command Window. If there appears to be a problem with the Java environment, an update or reinstallation may be required.
Step 4: Disable Third-Party Security Software Temporarily
On occasion, third-party security software may interfere with MATLAB's web access. If feasible, please temporarily disable any firewall or antivirus programs and then reassess MATLAB's web functionality.
I hope you find these steps useful in resolving the issue.
Thanks & Regards,
Asim Asrar


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