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How to resolve Simulink C2000 Build Error for "Program will not fit into available memory"?

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I'm currently running into this program will not fit into available memory error. I tried editing my .ebss in the file that is linked in the line 166 error section, but to no avail. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to fix this? I am using the PLL (3phase) block in Simulink that is causing this error. Without it, the error goes away.

Answers (1)

Asim on 14 Jan 2024
Hello Dev,
I understand your are getting a Build Error : "Program will not fit into available memory". To resolve this issue, please select the option 'boot from flash' in MATLAB configuration parameters.
For a more comprehensive solution and additional information about your specific problem, kindly refer to this post.
I hope this helps!
Thanks & Regards,
Asim Asrar

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