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Flash .out file to Target

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Asim on 11 Jan 2024
Commented: Asim on 12 Jan 2024
I created a .out file from Simulink for my TI board and need to flash it to the hardware. I'm attempting to use a system command to invoke TI's dslite function, but it only supports flashing .bin files. Is there another command I can use, or a way to convert the .out file to a .bin format?

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Hassaan on 11 Jan 2024
To flash a program to a Texas Instruments (TI) microcontroller board, it's common to use a .bin file. However, if you have a .out file (which is typically an ELF file), you need to convert it to the binary format (.bin) that your flashing tool (like TI's DSLite) can use.
The conversion from .out to .bin can usually be done using TI's Code Composer Studio (CCS) or command-line utilities that come with the TI toolchain. One such utility is hex6x, which can convert .out files to various formats, including .bin. Another common utility is arm-none-eabi-objcopy if you're using an ARM-based microcontroller.
Here’s how you can use arm-none-eabi-objcopy to convert the .out file to a .bin file:
arm-none-eabi-objcopy -O binary input_file.out output_file.bin
This command is a part of the GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain, and -O binary tells objcopy to output in binary format.
Once you have the .bin file, you can use the DSLite command to flash it onto your TI board:
dslite --mode=ccxml -c path_to_ccxml_file.xml -f path_to_bin_file.bin
The --mode=ccxml flag tells DSLite to use a CCXML file, which is a configuration file that specifies the target device and other settings necessary for flashing the hardware.
Make sure that you have the correct path to your .ccxml file and the .bin file you want to flash. The .ccxml file is typically created using the Code Composer Studio, and it contains configuration settings specific to your hardware setup.
If you don’t have these utilities installed, you can get them as part of the Code Composer Studio (CCS) installation or sometimes as standalone packages from TI's website.
Remember to always consult the documentation specific to your TI board and the microcontroller family it belongs to, as the exact commands and utilities may vary.
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Asim on 12 Jan 2024
Thanks, that did convert the .out file to .bin but when I am trying to flash this file I am getting an error in the binary file.

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