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Can I create a series of signals continuously over a period of time using 5g toolbox?

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I am working on a project, where I need to simulate and generate 5g signals continuously over a period of time and then analyze the generated signals periodically. At this moment I can generate one 5g signal using the 5g toolbox 5g waveform generator tool or using the function nrWaveformGenerator. But, I need to generate the 5g signal over a period of time continusly. How can I acheive that?
Thanks in advance
P.S: I am a beginner to networking, I might miss some point explaining the question.

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Asim on 20 Feb 2024
Hello Madhurjya,
To simulate continuous 5G signal generation in MATLAB, you can use a loop to repeatedly call the nrWaveformGenerator function. Here's a concise guide:
  1. Set simulation parameters: Choose your simulation duration and signal parameters (e.g., subcarrier spacing, bandwidth).
  2. Initialize configurations: Before the loop, set up your carrier, UE, and channel configurations.
  3. Implement a loop: Use a loop to generate waveforms at each time step for the entire simulation duration.
  4. Generate and process waveforms: Inside the loop, call nrWaveformGenerator to create your signal, then analyze or store it as needed.
  5. Post-processing: After the loop, perform any final analysis on the collected data.
Here is a pseudo code for your reference:
% Define simulation duration and time step
simulationDuration = 10; % seconds
timeStep = 1e-3; % seconds
numSteps = simulationDuration / timeStep;
% Initialize 5G configurations
% ...
% Simulation loop
for step = 1:numSteps
% Generate the 5G waveform
[waveform, ~, ~] = nrWaveformGenerator(...); // Remember to replace ... with your actual parameters
% Analyze or store the waveform
% ...
% Post-process the data
% ...
I hope it helps.
Best Regards,
Asim Asrar




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