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terminate program if worker aborts in parallel loop

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i have read this question:
so i am aware of the "solution".
however sometimes we leave yobs on the cluster while we're sleeping, where this warning may pop up.
is there a way to configure the workers/parallel pool such that any warning is fatal and terminates the program?

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Edric Ellis
Edric Ellis on 21 Feb 2024
If you create your parpool using the option SpmdEnabled=true, then this has the side-effect of making parallel pools terminate completely when any worker aborts.
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gagan sidhu
gagan sidhu on 21 Feb 2024
thanks edric. i will give this a go. i saw you answered the opposite question a few years back, wish i found it.
updated my parallelprofile accordingly as well. surprised it wasn't enabled by default on ACE-NET, but no big deal.

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