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matlab online read excel sheet

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saphir alexandre
saphir alexandre on 22 Feb 2024
Commented: saphir alexandre on 22 Feb 2024
I'm having some issues with an excel sheet that i am trying to have matlab read. I uplaoded the excel sheet just fine in the files list but when i use the function readtable or xlsread it does not recognize the file. I tried putting the file path instead of the name but that didn't work either.

Answers (1)

Austin M. Weber
Austin M. Weber on 22 Feb 2024
Edited: Austin M. Weber on 22 Feb 2024
Have you tried specifying the file type as a spreadsheet when using the readtable function?
filename = 'Trial01_8deg (1).xlsx';
DATA = readtable(filename,'FileType','spreadsheet');
Voss on 22 Feb 2024
@saphir alexandre: I suspect the problem with xlsread was that you have another m-file called xlsread.m somewhere, which is being called instead of the built-in one, because xlsread with one input shouldn't give you the "Not enough input arguments" error.
You should follow Walter's advice and tell us what
which -all xlsread
outputs, in order to confirm that there is another xlsread.m file.
saphir alexandre
saphir alexandre on 22 Feb 2024
Thank you the tips! I re-uplaoded the file to remove the (1). I don't have an eeror anymore, here is what it looks like now

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