cmake: undefined symbol: uv_fs_get_system_error

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Luis on 26 Feb 2024
Answered: Nate Rolfes on 29 Feb 2024
After adding the path to cmake (ubuntu 22.04, whereis cmake) into the 'Set Path' folder, I try:
>> [status,cmdout] = system('cmake --version')
status =
cmdout =
'cmake: symbol lookup error: cmake: undefined symbol: uv_fs_get_system_error '
I run 'cmake --version' on terminal and it works fine. I have not found any other thread with uv_fs_get_system_error on cmake. Is this a matlab error or a cmake error? I have tried other commands using system() with no issues. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Nate Rolfes
Nate Rolfes on 29 Feb 2024
Edited: Nate Rolfes on 29 Feb 2024
I"m also getting the same error with 22.04 and Matlab R2023b

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Answers (1)

Nate Rolfes
Nate Rolfes on 29 Feb 2024
i think i figured it out. had an old version of Cmake (v3.21 or something) and updating to latest (v3.25, v3.28 both worked for me). fixes the issue. at the linux terminal:
sudo apt remove cmake
sudo snap install cmake --classic
set me up with v3.28.3 and then running the
system('cmake --version')
command returns successfully


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