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Systune tuningGoal gain on inverse

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Hi all, I have a correctly set up maximum gain tuning goal on a transfer function (with realp parameters) using systune. I wanted then to add an additional similar gain tuning goal but on the inverse of the transfer function. I tried inversing the input and output on my tuning goal but it did not really work, my additional hardreq score is 0. Do anyone has encountered a similar issue? Thank you in advance!
Sam Chak
Sam Chak on 1 Mar 2024
Thank you for your initial clarification. I'm curious about why you want to 'inverse' the tuning goal in systune(). Could you provide a tangible example to help me better understand the concept of an invertible Input/Output?
lepolonais03 on 13 Apr 2024
Edited: lepolonais03 on 13 Apr 2024
Hi! I wanted to "inverse" a gain tuning goal. As you know a gain tuning goal set between a range of frequencies gives a maximum gauge for your system to respect. I wanted, simultaneously to set a gain gauge for my system (a filter of fixed order) to respect and to maximise the phase of my filter. And a way to maximise the phase, in a certain range of frequencies, is to maximise the gain in this range. Maximising a gain in a certain range of frequencies is kind of the inverse of a gain tuning goal. That is what I meant by "inversing" a tuning goal. Hope all of that makes some sense and answers your question!

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lepolonais03 on 1 Mar 2024
I finally found how to do it! I just connected AP_1 - Tf - AP_2 - 1/Tf - AP_3 And from then I applied 2 goals. One between AP_1 and AP_2 and one AP_2 and AP_3.

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