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Error occurred in fitlm function.

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Devendra on 5 Mar 2024
Answered: the cyclist on 6 Mar 2024
Error using classreg.regr.TermsRegression.createFormula
The terms matrix must have one column for each variable in the dataset or table. You may not
specify the response as a separate vector with a dataset or table.
Error in LinearModel.createFormula (line 1076)
formula = classreg.regr.TermsRegression.createFormula(supplied,modelDef, ...
Error in (line 1058)
model.Formula = LinearModel.createFormula(supplied,modelDef,X, ...
Error in fitlm (line 122)
model =,varargin{:});
Error in reg_VI (line 45)
reg = fitlm(X_train,Y_train);
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 6 Mar 2024
It is possible that Y_train has multiple columns.
the cyclist
the cyclist on 6 Mar 2024
@Devendra, can you upload the X and Y data? (You can use the paper clip icon in the INSERT section of the toolbar.) This would make it vastly easier to help you debug this.

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Answers (1)

the cyclist
the cyclist on 6 Mar 2024
@Walter Roberson surmised correctly, as usual. The fitlm function cannot be used when you have multiple dependent variables.
You may be able to use mvregress. (It won't be a machine learning algorithm, though.)




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