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Session Based Multiple DAQ Triggering

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Fernando on 10 Nov 2011
Hello, I am using the latest 64bit matlab version (2011b) to send and receive a signal on multiple data acquisition devices (4 x NI 6259). I am having some trouble using the session based interface to trigger multiple data acquisition devices using a digital pulse. Does anyone know of any tutorials or examples i can use? Any information or pointer in the right direction would be of great help. Thanks,

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Manisha on 15 Dec 2011
Hi Fernando,
DAQ R2012a prerelease has added new functions that you can use to start your acquisition using an external trigger (digital pulse). If you have a valid licence you can download R2012a here.
You can modify the below code to suit your requirements:
s = daq.createSession('ni');
s.addAnalogInputChannel('Dev4', 0, 'Voltage');
The below command will add a external start trigger connection from an external source( i.e. your digital pulse) to the PFI0 terminal on Dev4.
Your acquisition will now start when the device receives a digital rising edge at PFI0 terminal
Hope that helps,


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