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I am trying to solve the following problem and got stuck if you can give some guidance

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Problem 713. Find the maximum number of decimal places in a set of numbers
Find the maximum number of decimal places in a set of numbers after decimal point that are significant
function y = find_max_sigdec(x)
y = max(max(length(rem(x,1))));
dareen on 16 Mar 2024
Edited: dareen on 16 Mar 2024
what a save i dont understand how i missed this up so bad with length i figured something is wrong but kept changing the elements of a matrix of the same size and some how got really fitting answers 4 and the max was always 4 digits ,so when i used length it gave me the length of the matrix not the elements ,and the elements are not strings they are numebrs whatever i substitue has a length of 1 which is somehow confusing in other languages the length of the number was the num of digits it has so it seems like i have to change the input to a string to be able to deal with this the link you added really made the double precision topic more understandable thanks , i will try to learn more about strigns so that i can reach a solution of my own and just to check
if i want to fix the code is there a simpler approach that you would reccomend
thanks again @Dyuman Joshi

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Accepted Answer

Hassaan on 16 Mar 2024
Edited: Hassaan on 16 Mar 2024
Looks like a MATLAB Cody Problem. One of the many approaches that may exist:
x = [1.000 1.04 0.22 10.1;
2.05 2.33 4.1 1000.31;
5.00010 6.429 7.492 8.0];
y = find_max_sigdec(x)
y = 4
%y = find_max_sigdec(3.123456789)
function y = find_max_sigdec(x)
maxDecimals = 0; % Initialize the maximum number of decimal places
x = x(:); % Linearize the matrix to iterate over all elements
for i = 1:numel(x)
% Extract the decimal part by subtracting the integer part
decimalPart = abs(x(i) - floor(x(i)));
if decimalPart > 0
% Convert the decimal part to a string
str = num2str(decimalPart);
% Find the index of the decimal point
idx = strfind(str, '.');
% Calculate the number of significant decimal places
numDecimals = length(str) - idx;
% Update maxDecimals if this number is larger
maxDecimals = max(maxDecimals, numDecimals);
y = maxDecimals; % Return the maximum number of decimal places found
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dareen on 16 Mar 2024
Edited: dareen on 16 Mar 2024
thank u this was helpful ,and pardon me i will just wait for a while before accepting an answer so that there is a possibility to recive new comments or answers

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