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Why Unrecognized function or variable 'hypercube' occurred?

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img_path = 'C:\Data\'
Unrecognized function or variable 'hypercube'.
Error in ds_indices_caf (line 19)
img = hypercube(;
I have installed image processesing toolbox with installation of trial version of R2024a. Please suggest me twhy his error has occured.
Infinite_king on 27 Mar 2024
Hi Devendra, Enter the following command in MATLAB command window,
rehash toolboxcache
Close and reopen the MATLAB application. See, it this resolves the issue.

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Answers (1)

Abhinav Aravindan
Abhinav Aravindan on 28 Mar 2024
I understand that you are facing an error when trying to use the "hypercube" function. To utilize "hypercube", you need to have both the Image Processing Toolbox and the “Image Processing Toolbox Hyperspectral Imaging Library” installed. This can be done using the Add-On Explorer in MATLAB.
To open the Add-On Manager:
1. In MATLAB, go to the Home tab.
2. Select Add-Ons > Manage Add-Ons.
I hope this resolves your issue. For further details, please refer to the links below:




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