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Moving the position of the colorbar label

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Hello everyone,
Is there a way to move the position of the decimal power in the colorbar axis shown in the figure attached to this post ? More specifically, I want to move a little bit on the left.
Thank you in advance for your help,

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 1 Apr 2024
Edited: the cyclist on 1 Apr 2024
It is possible to do so. I found out how from this answer.
c = colorbar;
c.Ruler.SecondaryLabel.Units = 'normalized';
c.Ruler.SecondaryLabel.Position = [1 0.9];
I tried to run this code here, but got an error message. (According to this question, it seems there is a problem running code at Answers at the moment.) It runs on my local machine, though. In this case, I moved the label down from the default position. Adjust as you see fit.
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Wissem-Eddine KHATLA
Wissem-Eddine KHATLA on 1 Apr 2024
@the cyclist thank you very much : it is exactly what I needed and to be honest I didn't know that Matlab could offer that level of customization ! Thank you again !

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