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Polyspace Test xUnit tests fails to compile: fatal error: gtest/gtest.h

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What parameter controls the C++ include file search path for my gtest test file?
Creating the project file with the python interface, I used (full python program listing attached):
This command attempts to build and run the test ( attached):
That path does not seem to be included into the command line that compiles my test program:
### Building Polyspace Test xUnit tests
### Building for host
### Building 'testbin_sil'
### Using toolchain: GNU gcc/g++ | gmake (64-bit Linux)
g++ -c -fwrapv -fPIC -O0 -DPSTEST_BUILD -DPST_USER_CONFIG_FILE -DPST_MAX_NB_PARAMS=31 -I/home/dgeorge/ws/fsw_drivers/cadence_spi -I/home/dgeorge/ws/fsw_drivers/cadence_spi/include -I/nix/store/33r3mf9k7h9f81pybwbhkqzbf9cycg3s-polyspace-installation-R2024a/extern/include -I/nix/store/33r3mf9k7h9f81pybwbhkqzbf9cycg3s-polyspace-installation-R2024a/toolbox/polyspace/pstest/services/driver/host/c -I/nix/store/33r3mf9k7h9f81pybwbhkqzbf9cycg3s-polyspace-installation-R2024a/polyspace/pstest/pstunit/include -I/nix/store/33r3mf9k7h9f81pybwbhkqzbf9cycg3s-polyspace-installation-R2024a/polyspace/pstest/pstunit/src -o "pstunit.o" "/nix/store/33r3mf9k7h9f81pybwbhkqzbf9cycg3s-polyspace-installation-R2024a/polyspace/pstest/pstunit/src/pstunit.cpp"
/home/dgeorge/ws/fsw_drivers/cadence_spi/test_cadence_spi.cpp:6:10: fatal error: gtest/gtest.h: No such file or directory
6 | #include <gtest/gtest.h>
| ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Invalid text character. Check for unsupported symbol, invisible character, or pasting of non-ASCII characters.
Project file snippet (project file attached):
"ExternalTestsOptions": {
"content": {
"IncludePaths": {
"content": {
"IncludePaths": [
"content": {
"Path": {
"content": {
"Value": "/nix/store/pqyrsjax8n0wb4dxap66pf6ix6qdz34a-gtest-1.12.1-dev/include"
Directory contents:
$ ls /nix/store/pqyrsjax8n0wb4dxap66pf6ix6qdz34a-gtest-1.12.1-dev/include/gtest
gtest-assertion-result.h gtest-matchers.h gtest-param-test.h gtest-spi.h gtest-typed-test.h gtest_pred_impl.h internal
gtest-death-test.h gtest-message.h gtest-printers.h gtest-test-part.h gtest.h gtest_prod.h
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Dan George
Dan George on 14 Apr 2024
The "workaround" is to put it into the plain buildConfig.IncludePaths. Perhaps this is not a workaround and is the proper placement.
What is the intended purpose of ExternalTestsBuildOptions?

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