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plot signal - adjust axis

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Ido on 15 Apr 2024
Commented: Chunru on 15 Apr 2024
i have signal between |f|<100 Hz
and i need to present it the range of |f|<125 Hz
MY PROBLEM is that i want to have a continuity between the output signal to the outrange 100<f<125 to be a solid line
in this range the output signal doesnt exist so it just cutted with no bound to x axis
to add contiuetinity (yellow line to the x axis)
thanks for help!

Answers (1)

Chunru on 15 Apr 2024
% Test data
f = (-100:1:100);
p = randn(size(f)); p = p-min(p)+1;
% extropolate data
fe = [-125 f 125];
pe = interp1(fe, [0 p 0], fe, 'linear', 'extrap');
plot (fe, pe)
axis tight
grid on
Ido on 15 Apr 2024
thanks for answering
but my signal is maded from few rand cos(wt) so the boundaries should be more smoothly like 1/1-x
i used meshgrid so it didnt considered the area bettween 100<|f|<125
theres another way to solve it ?
Chunru on 15 Apr 2024
Can you share your data and code?

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