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programmatically change simulink scope plot line visibility

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I have been searching all day for this on Google and on here. I found two old, existing questions asking for the same thing, with no joy. They are here:
What I would like to do is programmatically interact with the floating Simulink scope window from the Matlab command line, specifically to change the visibility of lines plotted on it. I am aware I can request the configuration of the Scope and interact with it to a degree (, but that did not include any method to toggle line visibility. Anyone have any bright ideas please?

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Pratyush Swain
Pratyush Swain on 23 May 2024 at 10:19
Edited: Pratyush Swain on 27 May 2024 at 11:27
Hi Robyn,
I understand you want to change the visibility of lines plotted on scope block programmatically.I also could not find any documented resource to toggle the input lines on scope block. You can consider some workarounds for this issue as follows:
1- Conditional Signal Routing: Use Simulink's conditional signal routing blocks (such as Switch, Multiport Switch, or Manual Switch) to control which signals are fed into the scope. By controlling the routing block's condition programmatically, you can "turn off" certain signals.
Please refer to this demo example for reference:
% Access the control signal block for multiport and set its value
% (In this case we are selecting between 3 inputs so values can be 1-3)
set_param('multiport/Control Signal', 'Value', '2');
% Place name of simulink model file: I have kept it multiport
If you specifically want to toggle set of input lines as a group,you can consider controlling it by passing it through "enabled subsystems" block and controlling the "enable signal" programmatically.
2- Using Simulink Data Inspector Tool: The above approach still has some limitations placing conditions on all signals individually.If you do not want to make changes to your simulink model repeatedly and only toggling the lines programmatically is not a constraint, you can consider using simulink data inspector tool to log and visualize the signals, it offers a variety of options to visualize data by selecting signals and comparing different signal datas. For more information please refer to
Hope this offers some help.


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