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I want to change the default UAV dynamics to the quadcopter to F450.

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Good Day!
I want to change the model of the quadcopter to F450. I have changed the Ix, Iy,Iz and mass of the default UAV dynamic model used in But this is not working for me. Could you please guide, how should i completely change the model dynamics for F450.

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Dhruv on 27 May 2024 at 6:21
Hi Yasir,
The link that you are trying to access seems to be invalid. However, you might want to refer to the following MathWorks documentation, which provides detailed insights about drone simulation. This link will also include additional links for examples, which you can refer for your specific use case:
In addition, you may find the following resource beneficial. It details how to use Simulink for modeling a quadcopter based on ‘Parrot Minidrones’. This will include a step-by-step guide for its implementation:
Hope this helps!


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