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What is the difference between Transfer Function Model and Process Model

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In this Example, it use transfer function with a time delay as model to do the estimation(section"Transfer Function Estimation from an Initial System"). Next section "Process Model Estimation", it improve the estimation by using a process model.
However, the two models have the same structure, why do them conduct a different result ?

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surya venu
surya venu on 22 May 2024
Edited: surya venu on 22 May 2024
Here are the difference between Transfer Function Model and Process Model:
  1. Model Structure and Assumptions: The initial transfer function model is more generic, while the process model is tailored to specific physical and operational characteristics of the heat exchanger.
  2. Estimation Techniques and Criteria: Different optimization algorithms and error metrics may be used in estimating the two models, leading to variations in how well each model fits the observed data.
  3. Data and Information Utilized: The process model might leverage the same data more effectively by incorporating assumptions about the system's physical behavior.
  4. Parameterization and Flexibility: Process models allow for detailed parameterization that captures specific dynamics of the system, potentially leading to a better fit and more accurate predictions.
  5. Computational Approach: The algorithms and strategies for estimating the process model may be more sophisticated or targeted, utilizing additional knowledge about the system to achieve a more accurate model.
To know more about these models, check out the links given below:
Hope it helps.
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on 27 May 2024 at 3:15
Hi Surya,
Thank a lot for your detailed answer.
Now I roughly understand that process model is more suitable for heat exchange process modeling, and what make the different result of process model from transfer function, is the underlying parameters estimating algorithm or something else optimation algorithms, the form or structure of two model may be same.
Is my understanding correct ?

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