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Hi everyone;
I have compiled my Simulink model into a desktop .exe to speed up operation. My model has some constant blocks which it uses to gather data from the workspace. When I have compiled the model will it only compile with the values which were in the workspace at the time or will it collect new data from the workspace each time the executable runs?

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Titus Edelhofer
Titus Edelhofer on 21 Nov 2011
Hi Amardeep,
the executable has nothing to do anymore with the workspace, so the answer is no, it will not collect new data but the values at compile time are compiled into the code.
The simplest way to use different parameters is to replace the constant blocks by "From File" blocks and save the parameters you want to use to the file before running the executable.
More elaborate ways for interfacing with your model can be found at web([docroot '/toolbox/rtw/ug/f1160677.html'])
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Amardeep on 21 Nov 2011
Thank you Titus. This has cleared up a lot of questions arising from my current results.

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