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I cannot use deployment Tool in my matlab 2015 because when I select Application Compiler, I get this figure window.What to do now? Regards

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Sadiq Akbar
Sadiq Akbar on 30 Jun 2015
Commented: Steven Lord on 6 Jul 2015
When I type deploytool in command window and press enter,a window appears showing 4 options.When I select the 1st ie application compiler, I get another window which says could not save project file in the specified folder.You may have not write permission.Now what to do?


Sadiq Akbar
Sadiq Akbar on 4 Jul 2015
Thank you very much Steven Lord for your feedback.I did the same and and it worked.But now the problem is that the given window gets appeared.In this window I add my required m file to ADD Main file by pressing the + is added.Then I press the last "Package" button and its gets started.Now this package window appears and some busy process is indicated.It takes some time.After some time this window appears.When I click the 1st folder ie for_redistribution, it contains the file namead as "MyAppInstaller_web".When I run it, then this window is opened and it takes a lot of time but does not end
.Now I don't understand how to make an exe file in matlab 2015 as i was making in the earlier versions.Can you help me further Steven Lord?
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 6 Jul 2015
Are you trying to open the folder while MATLAB Compiler is creating the application? If so, stop that. If not, I'm not sure I understand what you're doing, and I think you're going to need to contact Support for further assistance.

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