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how to find Euclidean distance in matlab?

Asked by ganesh s on 2 Dec 2011
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on 11 Oct 2017
hi i have extracted the feature of the 1000 images by using color Correlogram & saved it in a .mat file, now i want to match some query image(consist of .mat file) with this data base by using Euclidean distance for image retrieval.but i don't know how to find the Euclidean distance between 1000 data base images & one query image. thanks

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want to find Euclidean distance between 1000 images(.mat file)& one query image (.mat file) in MATLAB

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Answer by Junaid
on 2 Dec 2011
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Dear what is the size of your feature vector, if it is column vector then let say your have 1000 feature vector of 1000 images. I denote it by D, where each column is feature vector of each image, in short column represent single image. and your Query image is Q is single column vector.
it can be computed as simple as;
Q= repmat(Q,1,size(D,2));
E_distance = sqrt(sum((Q-D).^2));
now E_distance is euclidean matrix distance. where each cell is distance of Query with database image.


thanks Junaid for your answer
my Feature vector is of size (1000x1 cell) with each extracted image of size(4096x48 double) i want to match query image of size(4096x48)with this data base
I assume for Each image you have 1000 x 1 vector. one possible way way is that you concatenate all images to one matrix. Let say you have 100 images then you get D 1000 x 100. Where each column is feature of single image. and then you query Q is 10000x1. then simply
Q = Q';
once you can do it, then above code will give you Euclidean distance Q with all images. You can plot E_distance to see the result.
thanks again junaid
i already concatenate the all 1000 images in two one column matrix of size(1000x1)with each row represent the extracted image of size(4096x48)now i want to take one query image of size 4096x48(my original image is of size 384x256 after extracting feature by correlogram method it become 4096x48 ) and want to find it's euclidean distance for image retrieval

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divya r 님의 답변 15 Jun 2012

How did you concatenate data from multiple matfiles into one? I have done it fr only 2 .mat files, but i am stuck in the logic for multiple .mat files. Could you please help me out with the logic?


Please start a new Question for this matter.
if exist('feat.mat')
load feat.mat
else feat= [];
feat = [feat,featVec]; % you should use ; for row vectors and , for column vectors
save feat.mat feat
feat.mat is my existing .mat file and featVec is my current extracted feature vector. I hope it helps you.

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Dodo Dodda 님의 답변 18 May 2016

I have a data set of 160 images, and i extracted features of these images and saved them in .mat file, now i want to match between features of another image and all features that i saved in the .mat file. How i can do this using eulidean distance algorithm?

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k p 님의 답변 21 Sep 2016

i have two is shifted and one is main i have to find the shift of whole image in x direction and y direction how can i find? only two values i want in point pixel in c.

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Please start a new Question for this matter. It does not have anything to do with this Euclidean Distance topic.

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