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how to remove box outline in GUI matlab using setting menu

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Sagar AS
Sagar AS on 9 Jul 2015
Answered: Sid on 10 Jul 2015
hello, i have created a GUI like this if i need to remove the outline or make the text box transparent so that it suits the background, can i do it using the settings drop box in guide?

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Sid on 10 Jul 2015
Would something like this work?
% Set the figure color;
f = figure(...
'color',[0 1 0]);
% Add text box component.
txtbox = uicontrol(f,'Style','edit',...
'String','Enter your name here.',...
'Position',[30 50 130 20]);
% Grab the color from the figure, and set it as the backgroundcolor.
Of course it's not transparency, but at least some capability to match the background color. You can of course set the color via the set option to any prefered color as well.
Maybe Yair Altman might have a better idea on it (check on the posting here .)

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