How to execute a Matlab function block with a trigger as soon as a condition holds.

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I want to activate a Matlab function block as soon as a condition holds. In the attached figure, the two Matlab function blocks are triggered by using a delayer. However, it takes a time since a satisfying condition is true. I want to execute the function blocks as soon as the related conditions are satisfied. Could you help me find a way of doing that?

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Udaya Mallampati
Udaya Mallampati on 31 Jul 2015
Hi Jin,
You can put your MATLAB function block inside an inside an Enabled and Triggered Subsystem as indicated in this link .
Hope this helps!

Anatolii Tcai
Anatolii Tcai on 18 Oct 2018
Just press Edit Data button and there you can choose Add Trigger from the menu 'ADD' or by pressing corresponding button.

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