How do I prevent Matlab from throwing a system error when I stop the msvc debugger.

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Eddie on 29 Jul 2015
Answered: Udaya Mallampati on 31 Jul 2015
Matlab 2014b
MSVC 2013
Debugging Mex files with MSVC:
If I hit the msvc "stop debugging" button (I have the Matlab process attached to MSVC), Matlab throws a system error and then it has to be shut down. Is there a way to stop the MSVC debugger without this happening?

Answers (1)

Udaya Mallampati
Udaya Mallampati on 31 Jul 2015
Hi Eddie,
The following questions help to better understand the issue that you are facing:
  • Does it happen for all the MEX files that you are debugging or is it just with one?
  • What is the exact error message that you are encountering in MATLAB when you hit stop debugging button in Microsoft Visual Studio?


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